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Why Use a REALTOR®?

This is a common question. We hear it a lot. Hopefully, after you read this you will have a good understanding regarding the importance of using a REALTOR®.

1.More Search Power

We have resources that the average person doesn’t have. You can find many things online by yourself. But, a REALTOR® has access to more listings than you do.   This could be because a property is available but not actively advertised. Plus, a REALTOR® will know the neighborhoods better than you and they can point you in a direction you may not have considered.

2. Knowledge 

 Buying or selling a home requires many different forms, disclosures, contracts, and other technical documents. Having someone who is familiar with these documents will not only help move the process along, but also provide peace of mind.

3. Negotiation Skills

Do you remember the last time you bought a new car? All of the back and forth between the you, the salesman and the sales manager, trying to get the best deal? Wouldn’t you have felt better about it if you had a seasoned negotiator on your side? That is what a REALTOR® does. Things can get a little crazy during negotiations, especially in a hot market. Having a REALTOR® negotiate for you and your interests is a huge asset.

It’s not all about the money. Your REALTOR® will also make sure the contract takes into consideration time for inspections, contingencies, HOA approvals and anything else that might be needed on your end.

4. They Know People

This might seem a bit obvious but, you want a REALTOR® that knows people. They might not know everything but they know people such as: mortgage brokers,  bankers, attorneys, title agents and more. This is VALUE. Knowing the right mortgage broker can make a difference in your life for say…the next 30 years. Think about it. Use them.

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