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Selling Your Home? Think About This…

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By Christina Pinkerman



When new potential buyers pull up to a new house, they are just filled with excitement. They think about playing catch with their kids in the back yard. They may be thinking about relaxing in their new living room. The most important thing they are thinking is: “Could this be my new home?” Then they start to look closer. They see peeling paint in the corners and the mess in the yard. Very quickly, they decide to move on and keep looking at other homes. They don’t want your home. When the exterior isn’t great, they imagine the interior is the same. Even if it isn’t true. Today, buyers do their homework. They know about your neighborhood and the prices. Does your home say “This is the one” or “This one is done”? If you are thinking of selling your house, think about these 3 simple things:


1. Selling your house? How does it look from the curb?

The way your home looks from the curb is priority number one. If it doesn’t look good driving by, it is going to turn off potential buyers before they even get out of their car. This could turn them away before they even get a chance to see the brand new kitchen you put in last year. They could miss out on the great split floor plan you have. So please, make sure that your lawn looks well manicured, your paint is fresh and everything is in it’s place. When it comes to curb appeal, looks are everything.


2. When you are selling your house, smells are important too.

You can tell a lot about a house by the way it smells. I have walked into many houses and are shocked instantly by the overwhelming odor of something that someone is cooking. This is NOT a good thing. If you have pets or are a smoker, your home may have an odor that is a turn off to some. You may be used to it but you have to think about the potential buyer. If you smoke, try to do it outside as much as possible. You may even need to wash the walls to help rid your home of the smell. The curtains and anything else that may have the smell or residue from the smoke should also be cleaned. If you have a litter box, change it daily while you are scheduling showings. Clean carpets and flooring can go a long way to help your home smell nice. Some people also recommend baking cookies on the day of showings to fill the house with the smell of freshly baked cookies. You could think of it as baking your way to selling your home.


3. Don’t forget about the way your house feels when selling your home.

Prospective buyers are looking for the “perfect” home for them. This is sort of that intangible “it” feeling. You don’t want things in your house to distract them from it. They don’t want to see your clutter. It can be muddling for some. A mess can hide features of your home that you want buyers to see. Too many visible personal items, family photos or countertop appliances can also be a hindrance. When selling your house, keep a clean and tidy home at all times. Remember, the goal is to have the largest number of people interested in your house. You want to accentuate the positives. Try to look at your house objectively and see if you can spot any areas that may need some sprucing up. In the long run, it just may be the difference that makes the sale that much more likely and help you to get the most money for your property.


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